The Mind Body Network is the continuation of a journey that began in the early 1990s, when Paulina and Alex Deutsch met for the first time. This was to be a life changing event for both as neither realised at the time that this would turn into a life long partnership, in business, therapy and personally.


Paulina qualified as a massage therapist in 1992 and worked for many years in the South London Natural Health centre, where she was a popular and busy addition to the team. With many private clients and a background in physical theatre, Paulina gained a reputation for her strength and unique massage style, having been one of the first practitioners of Dancing Dragon Massage to set up in London.

In 1994, Paulina was introduced to Alex, who had set up a new business providing seated chair massage to corporate clients. Together, they built The Total Body Network, which was the first commercial massage company to use the new American system of seated chair massage using pressure points. TBN was a runaway success and employed many freelance therapists through out the 1990s. With a diverse mix of corporate clients, TBN operated mainly in London and Maidenhead, where a very large operation was established with Nortel Networks, a Canadian Telecoms company that believed strongly in Employee Satisfaction.

During this time, Paulina continued with her professional education, training and qualifying in Thai traditional pressure point based massage (Thai Yoga Massage), Indian head massage and developing her own chair based remedial massage system, in response to the needs of her corporate clients.


Paulina as spent the last 30 years studying and practising Numerology, which she studied in depth at the Connaissance School of Esoteric Numerology in Royston Hertfordshire. Paulina has appeared on breakfast TV and has a reputation for intuitive and down to earth Numerology skills, despite her background in more esoteric studies. Paulina’s many thousands of clients over the years would attest to her unnerving skills and direct, no nonsense approach to this amazing system.

Going forwards, there are plans to bring Numerology to a much wider audience, news about which will be advertised on our Facebook pages.

Happily married to Alex for over 25 years, no kids (except the big one), with a love of cooking, dogs and too many things to list!

Alex qualified in 1991 in Swedish Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Reflex Zone Therapy and later, in 1993, as one of the UK’s first On Site Massage practitioners.

This seated chair massage system was imported from the USA and solved a great many issues with working as a therapist in London at the time it was introduced. Through a variety of business activities, including shows in Earls Court and corporate presentations, Alex managed to introduce the benefits of regular, through the clothes massage to a population of corporate clients who very much needed it. This resulted in a surge of businesses wanting to ensure employee health, efficiency and improve employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Struggling with the workload, Paulina was introduced by a mutual friend and the rest is history!

Alex continued his studies and work in the therapeutic fields, even after transitioning from direct therapy work to teaching and training. In 2015, Alex decided to fulfil a life long interest in counselling and started training in NLP, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. This started another journey that continues to this day, as Hypnotherapy became an obsession leading to several training courses and finally an education in Clinical Hypnotherapy to Diploma standards, undertaken at Warrington Hospital.