Massage in Milton Keynes

“Dancing Dragon” full body massage treatments

Ideal for total relaxation and to address the physical manifestations of stress, this full body massage is a popular choice for massage clients in Milton Keynes, looking to really improve their stress levels and/or recover from physical exertion.

Sore, stiff and tired muscles benefit greatly from this treatment.

As a special treat to yourself, there’s not much else you can do that will make you feel this good, whilst aiding and improving your physical, mental and emotional health. Our founder and head therapist has been treating clients with this amazing blend of Swedish and Chinese massage, since 1992.

1 hour £50
1.5 hour £65

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massage in milton keynes

On Site Seated Chair Massage in Milton Keynes (OSM)

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A super convenient, through the clothes pressure point massage. This unique massage treatment has been the backbone of our business since 1994, providing thousands of our regular clients with an effective solution to the physical manifestations of stress and the onset of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Especially helpful if you have a sit down job and spend many hour working with keyboards.

This is a powerful, pressure point based massage, with many stretches and techniques all designed to alleviate muscular tension and interrupt the tension-spasm-pain cycle that so many of us are all to familiar with. A regular on site massage will ensure that you can stay on top of the physical discomforts that can accumulate as a result of office work and seated work spaces.

Traditionally, we have offered this therapy “On Site” (hence the name) in customer’s places of work, however, this is now available at our new treatment room in Stony Stratford as well.

As Covid 19 gets brought under control, we will be offering this service to local Milton Keynes offices and business parks. If you think this would be popular in your work place, please do get in touch and we would be happy to arrange a demonstration and presentation.

30/40 minutes £30

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Please call for corporate rates and to arrange a presentation
Corporate clients have included:

Bell Northern Research
Nortel Networks
The Mill

On Site Seated Remedial Massage in Milton Keynes (OSR)

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massage in milton keynes

Working from home?

We developed this treatment many years ago as a rapid response therapy for those clients requiring upper body remedial massage for acute and painful conditions such as neck muscle spasms, shoulder spasm, cricked neck etc.

We have all woken up at some point in our lives having slept in a draft, or awkwardly – or have spent too long hunched over a laptop on the sofa/using a mouse at your work/working from home on an incorrectly set up workstation…

This is the solution! Constant muscular pain will ruin your day and it is EXHAUSTING!

We invite you to make an appointment for this convenient therapy, available at short notice in our therapy room in Stony Stratford. A half hour appointment will address most immediate issues but this can be extended according to your wishes, the severity of the condition or just simply the time available.

30/40 minutes £30

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