Massage in Milton Keynes

Massage in Milton Keynes

Massage Therapy near me…

Full Body Massage is now available in Milton Keynes.

I have been working as a massage therapist since 1993, when I qualified with the Massage Therapist Institute (MTI) in London. I studied and have practised Dancing Dragon full body massage ever since. I worked for many years in The South London Therapy Centre, where I collaborated with the resident Chiropractor and was able to help a great many clients.

Together with my partner, we founded the first commercial corporate On Site Massage company in the UK, The Total Body Network in 1994. This was a runaway success and we built a large network of therapists, bringing massage to the workplace for the first time and making a real difference to the lives of our clients and customers for over 10 years.

massage in milton keynesOver the years we discovered that our regular customers experience significant improvements in their experience of physical manifestations of stress, stress related illnesses and postural issues brought on by the very reality of sitting at work stations all day long, crouched over keyboards. In today’s new world of working from home, it is just as, if not more important that the accumulating effects of physical, postural stress are addressed.

Outside of the attentions of a well informed HR and Occupational Health department, home workers are beginning to see now that working off the sofa on a laptop, or a kitchen table designed for eating off, are not exactly the ideal, ergonomically designed workspaces that you find in a well planned out office environment.

This article is very informative and explicitly lays out the dangers we all face working from home.

Working from a laptop full-time

“Reducing computers to a size where they can be easily carried and fit on your lap was an important step in starting the move to remote working. However, what makes a laptop useful also causes problems. The low screen and the small keyboard encourage the body to hunch forward and don’t provide the proper support for your wrists. Using a laptop for long periods of time can wreak havoc on posture and cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in the fingers and hands.

full body massageA laptop also encourages people to move around the house, and work from the lounge, kitchen, or bedroom, rather than a proper desk. Makeshift workstations can cause huge postural and muscles problems, with hours spent in unsupported and unsuitable positions that put the spine in particular, under huge strain.

During lockdown, a Nuffield Health survey discovered a quarter of employees were working from the sofa, a quarter were working from their bed and 17% were sitting on the floor. The effect of this can already be seen with more than half of those now working from home experiencing new back, neck and shoulder pain. If so many employees are already having problems, without action, the UK could be facing an epidemic of new musculoskeletal issues.”

We have personally seen the effects on employee health of both regular On Site Massage and full body massage, carried out both at work and in our treatment rooms. The key is regularity and consistency to reduced and interrupt the build up of muscular tension that leads to spasm, nerve pinching, pain and discomfort. These can lead and often do lead to longer term health problems.

Full Body Massage in Milton Keynes…

massage therapy near me

Full Body Massage is now available in Milton Keynes…

Dancing Dragon is a powerful mixture of Eastern and Western full body massage techniques. Pressure points and stretches are used alongside Swedish Massage traditional oil based work, designed to both trigger a relaxation response in tense muscle tissues and help the body to efficiently process waste products that accumulate in tired, over worked soft tissues.

The “Dancing Dragon” describes my own body movements that I use during the therapy session, to both deliver deep, relaxing pressures and to protect my body from the physical stresses of my work. This is why I have been able to work healthily for so many years and treat thousands of clients!

Ideal for total relaxation and to address the physical manifestations of stress, this full body massage is a popular choice for our clients, looking for massage in Milton Keynes, aiming to really reduce stress levels and/or recover from physical exertion. Sore, stiff and tired muscles benefit greatly from this treatment, making it an ideal post gym/recovery therapy for those of us who enjoy using our bodies (and yes maybe over doing it sometimes!)

As a special treat to yourself, there’s not much else you can do that will make you feel this good, whilst aiding and improving your physical, mental and emotional health. If you are looking for aromatherapy massage in Milton Keynes, I can incorporate this into the full body massage session for no extra cost.

On Site Seated Remedial Massage

In the busy madness of our lives, it is not always practical or affordable to have a full body massage when we know that actually that is exactly what we need!

We developed this treatment many years ago as a rapid response therapy for those clients requiring upper body remedial massage for acute and painful conditions such as neck muscle spasms, shoulder spasm, cricked neck etc. This can used as a regular therapy preventative approach to avoid these uncomfortable symptoms, or as first aid when things have progressed to a painful stage. A pinched nerve in your neck or upper shoulder area is no fun and can lead to numbness in the arms, pins and needles and a vicious circle of pain, spasm, more pain etc.

We invite you to make an appointment for this convenient chair based remedial massage therapy.  A half hour appointment will address most immediate issues but this can be extended according to your wishes, the severity of the condition or just simply the time available.

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