This is something special and unique to The Mind Body Network.

Paulina has been working as a Numerologist for nearly 30 years in her own special way, bringing enlightenment and understanding to thousands of people over the years.

Paulina has appeared on “Good Morning” TV with Holly Willoughby hosting a phone in. Her intuitive style and pragmatic approach, to what sometimes can seem like an impregnable wall of mystical nonsense, was exactly what was needed for viewers seeking help and she was inundated with calls.

Paulina has a no nonsense approach to Numerology and uses this incredible system to help her clients gain insight and understanding into themselves, their life purpose, relationship patterns and life cycles.

Numerology is a study of the numbers that are connected to your birthday and name as it appears on your birth certificate. In a typical session, you will learn about your personality, how others see you, what year you are having and how you relate to other people and the numbers they carry. At the very least, a Numerology reading will give you insight into any area of your life that you are interested in exploring.

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