The Benefits of On site Massage

On Site Massage

Massage is the oldest natural therapy known to man.

It is widely recognised by the scientific community for its effectiveness in dealing with a broad spectrum of physical and psychological disorders and in particular it is noted for its success in dealing with stress related health problems.

Athletes, the business world and even the Federal Government of America have understood the connection between regular massage and peak performance.

Many businesses and institutions are now providing physical therapy facilities for staff.

Massage has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety and heart rate among adults who were experiencing stress anxiety states.
Massage also has profound physiological effects.

The On Site Massage (OSM) sequence Mind Body Network delivers has proved itself to be unequaled as a first line of defence against the accumulated effects of stress related tension and associated disorders.

OSM combines traditional Chinese massage with western bodywork techniques, isolating over 100 specific acupressure release points, to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, leaving the client relaxed and alert. All treatments are carried out using a specially designed orthopaedic chair.

A 20 minute session is performed through clothing, without the use of oils, making it both convenient and applicable where normal oil based massage would be impractical and inappropriate.

Although OSM is particularly suited to the office and working environment, you do not have to be a stress victim to enjoy the deeply relaxing effects and physical benefits of this therapy.

With the rise of home working, a weekly OSM in our therapy room in Stony Stratford is now available.